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Allow 2016 to be a year of positivity and mutuality.Spend your time with people who love you and support you with genuine, energy boosting friendship. Get out your i Phone, Outlook calendar or personal agenda and prioritize yourself.

A person's role model says a lot about who they are and who they want to be.

It’s only five minutes past the time we said we’d meet at a coffee shop in Center City, but every minute I keep her waiting could be one more minute I’m delaying true love.

Decide that this is the year that you won’t hold on to unnecessary anger, sadness or resentment. Don’t let the past cast a shadow on your present happiness.

Life is short – be good to yourself and allow yourself to have love and romance in your life. For every failed relationship, there are dozens of life lessons to be learned.

Regardless of which program you choose, Selective Search always honors your privacy and preferences.

Both programs are 100% custom, confidential, and offline.Or maybe you're just the opposite, and first dates make you forget your words entirely.Either way, it never hurts to come prepared with a few simple but revealing questions to ask on a first date.Here are some key tips that will lead you to love in 2016 Release and move on.Release any pent up toxic energy from former relationships.Just bring a couple questions and come ready to listen.

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