Are dating websites pathetic

You find a site that offers free membership so you can browse for possible dates without paying up front. Within minutes of signing up, new members received personalized messages from what appeared to be real people. They were generated by JDI and set to send messages at specific times.Once you’ve made a snazzy profile, you start getting responses, like this: But when you try to reply to these messages, you get this popup: If you’re really curious, you have to shell out for a one month membership. Even worse, according to the FTC complaint, disappointed members were often unknowingly charged again to keep their subscription current.

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To the disappointment of them all pretty much being the same but different.

Match, Harmony and the pay sites seemed like the people there were fake.

I like the fact that i can look at videos of people cause you can get a better feel for people that way compared to a profile or pic.

good luck to all you singles like me Yes, I know what your talking about!

P O F was free but was a get what you pay for kinda thing.

2connects was a site I was told about by a friend recently and was glad to see they actually seem different.These companies change their names after they get too many complaints and pay off better business bureau to make them selves look legitimate.Losing the money,being scammed is bad enough but there's more at stake here.They won't leave you alone until you come in...Once there they begin telling you they have the perfect match...Fair enough, you think, the site has to make money somehow. Some users who tried to cancel their membership had trouble doing so.

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