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Doctors coined the term in the late 19 century, merging the Greek words for assembly and phobia.It manifests in different forms, with different patients complaining of fears of open spaces, public transport, packed shopping centres or being outside home in general."I’m so blessed to have the family, partner and friends that I have who go out of their ways to help me through such a tough time, especially this time of year.” Next week Abby starts on a new antidepressant called Mirtazapine which she hopes will relieve her debilitating condition.

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A panic-agoraphobic spectrum assessment incorporate temperamental features and trait-like manifestations into a comprehensive symptom assessment to provide a detailed picture of the clinical features of PD.

Such an approach holds some promise for progress in studies of neurobiologic basis of panic and may be useful in further efforts to overcome the nagging problem of the ambiguous boundaries of DSM diagnostic categories [53].

Abby Lewis, from Newcastle, who has battled mental health problems since she was 10, has lived her life through social media since suffering heart palpitations and collapsing on the bus while trying to meet pals in 2015.

The former teaching assistant can't go further than her back garden, and even the thought of visiting her gran four doors away makes her feel physically sick. "At the moment I live through social media and I joined a group called ‘Girls Mouth’ that I get a lot of support and encouragement on.

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A 22-YEAR-old woman who suffers from crippling agoraphobia hasn't left her home for TWO years.

"It’s hard for anyone else to understand how I feel or why I feel like it, as I don’t even know what triggered it myself,” she said. I wish I could just overcome this so I could finally start to live." Abby says going to school in the morning felt like “having to take over the world”.

She fell behind in class, and then began to avoid friends and stay in on weekends.

Aged 17 she got a job as a teaching assistant but her anxiety saw her struggle, and she admits she was "secretly relieved" when she didn't pass her probation period.

Despite finding social events increasingly stressful, Abby met boyfriend Rhys Irving, 22, a stair fitter, at a mate's house.

Meanwhile, an agoraphobic woman, 43, has travelled the world using Google Maps – and her stunning ‘holiday’ shots have won her 30,000 Instagram followers And, an agoraphobic woman who has spent 30 years on benefits is slammed for going to bingo once a week.

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